Wooden carving is a branch of carving.One of China’s traditional folk handicraft, it can be generally divided into three-dimensional carving, root carving, and relief.It exists in every corner of life since ancient times.

Wood carving in China the most artistic charm of Yueqing boxwood carving ,Dongyang relief,Fujian Longan wood carvingChaozhou gold lacquer wood carving,which is referred to as the “four big wood carving” in today’s world. Including all of woodcarving craft, technique, composition, drawing, playing, materials, different levels to meet the people appreciate, practical, play, decoration, construction and other aspects of the different demand, thus become an important part of people life.

1 — Zhejiang boxwood carving

Boxwood carving in Wenzhou, Yueqing, Zhejiang province and surrounding areas, mainly use boxwood as carving material, give priority to with the round techniques unique folk carving category, namely to create small ornamental and decoration features. Boxwood carving is milk yellow, after a long time, color by shallow darker, give a person have the feeling of elegance of of primitive simplicity.Zhejiang boxwood carving










2— Fuzhou wood carving

Fuzhou wood carving is one of the traditional handicrafts art in fujian province.Originated from the tang and song dynasties, temple architecture and statues are rich in subject matter, with a wide range of expression, exquisite knife method and smooth lines.The modelling is concise, the expression is lifelike;Ancient and elegant, simple and simple;Suitable for building decoration, furnishing and enjoying.It permeates the traditional Chinese culture and the unpretentious taste of Confucian culture.

Fuzhou wood often with longan wood carving material, so it is also known as “longan wood carvings, longan wood texture slightly crispy, fine-grained, color auburn, years of longan wood trunk and roots of strange, is a good material to carving, wood carving artists full advantage of the characteristics of the material for conceptual design, and carved into all kinds of figures, animals, plants, etc.These works have vivid shapes, beautiful composition, reasonable layout, and combination of realism and exaggeration, which have produced great artistic effects. The wood carving of longan is mainly composed of a round sculpture, and it is also made of embossed and hollowed-out carving.The use of the technique varies according to the subject matter, and the effect makes the work or the bold, or the roundness exquisite, or the elaboration.

Fuzhou wood carving














3— Dongyang wood carving

Zhejiang dongyang is a traditional place of wood carving in China. It is called “the hometown of wood carving”. It is rich in wood, such as camphor wood.

Dongyang wood carving characteristic is can according to the different situation of construction and other objects in different conception, design, composition adopts traditional scatter perspective, layout plump, pay attention to administrative levels, carving techniques is given priority to with relief, at the same time, combination carve, the round, half round, vulture, saw the empty void, double vulture, Yin carving, etc., and form their own unique form of technology.The engraving of the fine part of the woodcarving of dongyang is a “masterwork”. The hair of the characters, the tile of the building, the meridional vein of the flowers and plants, the scales of the birds and animals are all clearly visible, which makes people look amazing.

Dongyang wood carving










4— Chaozhou wood carving

There are three types of wood carving in chaozhou: one is the most common “black lacquer decoration”, that is, in the sculpture works with black paint base, after the gold foil;Second, “multicolored gold”, mostly used in architectural decoration, with green, big green, purple or powder yellow decoration, and gold foil to form a brilliant effect;Three is the pigment carving, that is to keep the wood color, without the paint, make the knife, wood grain are clear, simple and elegant, used in the screen, incense burner and other fine carving works.

Whether it is the wood carving of the place, the faction, all have its due characteristic, choose one of the woodcarving works of zhongyi, mainly see the work whether can resonate with your heart , the art has no end!


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