As Himalayan Salt Lamps become more and more popular , there are still some  low-quality salt lamps and fake salt lamps on the market.Please refer to the following things in order to buy high quality and real salt lights:

1.Pink salt lamp has beautiful texture.

Himalyan salt crystals typically range in color from light pink to deep red .And because the salt is filled with various different minerals,light emanating from the lamp will be muted and uneven. For these,the average salt lamp emits only a soft warm glow.If your lamp is small, but there is enough light to fully illuminate the room ,it means that you have used a bigger wattage bulb than you need, and it may also wipe out the texture of the rock too. A real salt lamp with a right bulb will give it a beautuful texture and warm low light.

2.Your lamp has a white crystal that has the same health benefits as pink one.

Himalayan salt crystals usually display a warm pinkish or orange hue.In fact ,the white Himalayan salt does exist,which is rarer and more popular.However,the benefits it bring to you should be the same as pink one.In addition,the white lamp will give you more choice colors.You can make more colors for the lamp by inserting different colors bulbs in it such as red ,blue,green or yellow.

3.It handles moisture.

Himalayan pink lamps purifies the surrounding air by absorbing moisture and any particles attached to the air,and then evaporation pure water pack out into the surrounding environment.This process is called hygroscopy and is responsible for one of the most common problems inherent to genuine Himalayan pink salt lamps-sweating.So don’t put it in a particularly moist area in your house or if you need to do it,turn the light on 24h/day.

4.Your Himalayan Salt Lamp is fragile

The other big problem inherent to genuine Himalayan pink lamp is that they tend to be rather fragile.In fact,it is not uncommon for lamps to be damaged during shipping due to poor packaging or improper handling.

5.Your lamp brings many health benefits

Despite the research on how the Himalayan pink lamp improves the lives of people around the world,many people still doubt it.From easing asthma and allergy symptoms to increasing energy and counteracting Seasonal Affective Disorder, the science behind Himalayan Salt Lamp is the real deal.It will bring you many health benefits.



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