That was over 300 million years ago,an ancient ocean exists in the Himalayas.When the ocean dried up, a huge mineral-rich salt mine was left behind, covered up by natural forces, and formed mountains.From all the polluting chemicals and pollutants, the rising mountains have sealed off the pure Himalayan salt crystals.

This special salt enjoys a time-tested health feature.More than 360 ancient Ayaurvedic drugs are still in use today, requiring Himalayan salt as an ingredient in the treatment of high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and other medical problems.

Himalayan salt pink and white crystals shine like diamonds attesting to their natural purity.This completely natural salt contains 84 trace minerals, including all known minerals that are essential for health and vitality.Unlike most “food-grade” salts, this salt is not processed with chemicals, and no preservatives or additives.

These unique, sparkling crystals provide a perfect salt seasoning for gourmets, a clean, pure flavor that enhances the natural flavor of food without the bitterness or processing aftertaste of any typical commercial salt.

The purest salt originates from the Khewra Salt Mine,it’s the largest source of Himalayan Salt in the world and the second largest salt mine.This mine is located in Khewra which belongs to the Jhelum District, Punjab region in Pakistan.The mine is located about 125 miles (200km) from Lahore and Islamabad within a mineral-rich mountain range that extends for more than 125 miles (200km) throughout Pakistan from the Jehlum River to where it joins with the Indus River.The mine itself is Pakistan’s largest and oldest mine and a major tourist attraction, hosting  as many as to 250, 000 visitors per year.

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