Wooden handicrafts are more material choice than other arts and crafts,the wood material is the basic condition that determines the quality of a handicraft,then there is the carving of the sculptor.

Wood that is used for carving wood crafts is redwood, pine, fir, camphor, sandalwood, etc.

  1. Open wooden handicraft cabinet door, drawer, observe whether woodiness is dry, clean, the texture is tight, exquisite, can not have pungent smell absolutely.If it’s Solid wood wardrobe,distinguish whether the wardrobe is all solid wood,an effective method is to look at the cabinet door, if the appearance of cabinet door looks like a kind of pattern, so on the back of the cabinet door also should have corresponding pattern, if to deserve very well is pure solid wood cabinet door.wooden handicraft cabinet
  2. Special attention should be paid to the moisture content and origin of wood .The climate in each district has an influence on the moisture content of wood,because of the moisture content of climate, it is easy to crack, deformation and so on, so you need to see the place of origin when choosing.
  3. Carefully observe whether the wood is defective or not.smooth
  4. When choosing small wooden handicrafts,you can view the straightness and flatness , and the wood surface has no bug eyes and discoloration,etc.
  5. Finally, choose solid wood handicraft, need to see what kind of tree is it,it directly affects the price and quality of wooden handicrafts.Common solid wood handicrafts are usually made of beech wood, white oak, elm,ash wood,and the valuable wood handicraft mainly uses rosewood, and rain tree etc.At present, the market of solid wood handicraft will appear in the case of shoddy, mixed tree species.Expert advice, choose expensive solid wood handicraft, you’d better to go to scale big, well-known home store.


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