How to look after your salt lamp

//How to look after your salt lamp

How to look after your salt lamp


  • Firstly, never wash your Himalayan salt lamp as its natural effect is one of self-cleansing.
  • As its antibiotic properties, it does not need washing. But if it gets dusty, just use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean it.
  • Meanwhile,we do recommend leaving your salt lamp on as much as possible .
  • However, when not using for long periods, do not leave your lamp in a humid room,or outside of the home where it is exposed to the elements.
  •  Try not to keep your lamp on a window sill or in a bathroom. Likewise, or anywhere with large amounts of moisture present
  •  So we recommend placing your Himalayan salt lamp onto a decorative plate or holder, to avoid it leaving marks on any much-loved furniture.
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Unfortunately, those benefits – along with the lamps’ rising popularity – make Himalayan salt lamps a prime target for counterfeiters.

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