Project Description

Himalayan salt block

Rock salt bricks a great invention being used for making salt rooms, interior decoration by the worlds best architects making luxury affordable for everybody.

Item No. :        ES17010

Product Size : 20*10*2.5cm

MOQ:               300pcs

Meas.:              22X22X27CM, 0.01CBM

Packaging:     1 pcs/inner, 20 pcs/CTN

Weight :          1.25G

Function:    Home decor, shop decor, Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding gift

Himalayan Salt brick
Thick salt slab that can be placed on top of your stovetop or BBQ grill for simmering and searing your favorite foods. *NOT recommended for oven use.

Himalayan Salt Bricks, Planks, Plates & Blocks: The smaller sizes of these natural salt slabs are just the right size for chilled sushi presentations, or using to cook vegetables, scallops, shrimp and other small portions of meat. Cooking and serving on these salt slabs adds a mineral-rich salt flavoring to any cuisine. These are also ideal for chilling & serving individually-portioned desserts.

Himalayan Salt Slabs, Platters & Roasting Stones: These larger salt slabs are the perfect size for searing large pieces of meat or whole fish. Try cooking thinly sliced flank steaks, salmon fillets, shrimp and more to impart a delicious savory flavor to your dishes—no need to use any additional salt. The larger sizes also work well for using chilled to display fruit & cheese platters or charcuterie selections.

A salt brick may be placed in front of a wick, lamp or any other source of light. The salt becomes warm and irradiates a pleasant light thus providing ionizing and colour therapy effects at the same time. A brick may be placed on top of the radiator or heater or clay stove when the heating season begins. This way you have to sacrifice the pleasant sensation of light but the brick nevertheless fulfils its purpose. Salt bricks may be used for construction purposes as well: building a wall in front of a radiator, covering stairs, floor tiling, covering certain wall surfaces, building room separation, or even a whole salt room or salt cave.

Himalayan Salt Wall

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