Project Description

Natural USB Himalayan Salt Lamp 

USB Salt Lamps are made from natural salt crystals and change colors once they are plugged into a USB port and create a very calming environment.


Item No. :        ES17078

Product Size : 9x9x10cm

MOQ:               300pcs

Meas.:              42x32x32cm, 0.04CBM

Packaging:      1 pcs/inner, 36 pcs/CTN

Weight :           350G

Function:      Home decor, shop decor, Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding gift


usb himalayan-salt lamp








This USB Salt Lamp, though with irregular shape, looks cool and chic. Also, it can emit romantic seven colors. What’s more, this salt lamp requires no additional power supply. Simply connect it to the computer with USB cable, it will light up for the amazing effect.

  • Mini USB Light: Lamp and cord assembly are UL approved, USB connection, 1-2 LB Size, less than the height of the laptop
  • COLOR CHANGES from time to time: Once lit the natural himalayan salt lamp,LED light will emit a calming Amber color and will automatically slowly switch colores between: Orange, Blue, pink, red, green and purple
  • CONVENIENCE: Crystal salt stone and base together, plug in USB can be used
  • Salt Ore Light Color : 7 Color Change Light Source : LED Lights 
  • Power : 3W Voltage : 220V Power Supply : USB 
  • Suitable for a room up to 10 square metres, a small bedroom, living room or office.

Crystal Salt Rock LAMP

Hand Carved Lamp with Multi-Color LED













To extend the lifetime of your lamps, always remember to place them in dry areas.  In addition, The Himalayan pink salt crystals will start melting with prolonged exposure to high humidity, so we recommend that you keep a close watch on the lamps placed near sources of steam like showers, dishwashers, or laundry machines.

USB salt lamp colorful

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A hand-crafted natural ionizer from Himalayan Salt Lamps.  For instance,Purifies air by emitting negative ions into the air. Color changing LED lights, USB & AC adapter!

salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps produce unfavorable ions (anions) which are scientifically shown to boost health, environment and well-being. Above all,They help neutralize the favorable ions given off from tvs, computer systems, artificial air conditioners, etc.

Our Packing 

usb salt lamp packing

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