Wooden handicraft is the first choice of modern home decoration,Its ingenious craft gives you a clean, fresh and comfortable feeling.Whether wood or carved wooden ornaments, now more and more consumers favor.Then,how to radiate the vitality of life forever?The following requirements are required:wood reindeer1.Wooden handicrafts also like people can “heat stroke” in the sunlight.

Therefore, it is not suitable for long to be exposed in the sun and cracked, also do not put in the window. Avoid air conditioning blow to your furniture.

2.Do not wipe with a wet towel.Daily use clean gauze or cotton towels to wipe dust.

3.Wooden crafts are generally used in a long time.Therefore, always protect the surface of the furniture,it’s best to rub it every three months with a little wax,it not only increases the beautiful of your furniture, but also protects wood.wood eagle4.Wooden handicraft should not be placed in extremely damp or extremely dry indoor.In a very humid environment,some wood carvings will be mould.Verawood, for example, will spit out silvery silk.Although it is a beautiful scenery,but as far as I know, many people don’t like it very much.wood craftsYou can use a brush to coat the surface of wood carving crafts with polishing wax.

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